D Cafe Coffee Cat

Coffee, it's the Cats Meow

Cakes and Bakes

D Cafe Coffee Cat serves a wide range of tasty cakes and bakes. We invite you to pop in and make your choice.

Homemade Plain Shortbreads

                70p each 

Homemade Chocolate Shortbreads


                80p each

Homemade Warm Sultana Scone

            Served with Butter

                   £1.99 each

Homemade Warm Cheese and

            Watercress Scone 

           Served with Butter

                 £1.99 each

Homemade Dairy and Gluten Free

          Victoria Sponge Cake


                   £2.50 a Slice

         Homemade Cheesecake

                    of the week

                   £2.50 a Slice

Homemade Dairy Free Carrot


                £1.50 each

Homemade Gingerbread People

                   99p each

        Homemade Seedy, Fruity



                    £1.60 each

Homemade Chocolate Rocky Road

                    £1.80 a Slice

          Homemade Decorate

              a Cat Shortbread


                     90p each