D Cafe Coffee Cat

Coffee, it's the Cats Meow

Durning the year we have a range of Seasonal Specials on our menu


During the week of Valentines in February we serve a number of loved up  themed cakes and bakes. This includes Decorate Heart Shortbreads, Red Velvet Cupcakes and White Luxury Pink Rainbow Hot Chocolates.

Happy Easter

During the Easter Holidays we offer a selection of Easter Special cakes and bakes. Including Hot X Buns, Simnel Cupcakes and Chocolate Nests. Come in and make your selection.

Taste of Summer


 In the summer we offer a selection of made to order plated salads, consisting of iceburg lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, red onion served with white or wholemeal bread and butter and a side of coleslaw. All topped off with your choice of the following: 

Ham          £5.75                               Prawn mayo                        £6.75

 Cheese                      £5.75                     Chicken Mayo            £6.25

Tuna Mayo               £6.25    Egg Mayo                             £6.25

                   All served with Honey and Mustard Dressing

During the summer we also serve a selection of British Classic Cakes, including Dairy Free Carrot Cupcakes, Gluten and Dairy Free Victoria Sponge, Cheese and Watercress Scones and Cream Teas.


During the Spooky Season we serve a selection of Halloween inspired specials, including Gingerbread Skeltons, Decorate a Spooky Ghost Shortbread and Chocolate Guinness Graveyard Cupcakes.

Christmas Time

Throughout November and December we celebrate Christmas in a tasty way. Special Treats make their yearly appearance, from our beloved favourites of Homemade Mince pies of our own special recipe.

We have Gingerbread Snowmen, Christmas Cake Cupcakes which are hand decorated with Marzipan and Icing,  Christmas Spiced Flapjacks, and Dairy Free Parsnip and Cranberry Cupcakes.

But lets not forget our Tasty Turkey Toasties, Cranberry sauce, Turkey, Stuffing and Cheese all toasted together. It's been a hit for many a year.